The explosion in popularity of OG Kush, Sour Diesel and Chem Dog with their strong notes of fuel has led many breeders to abandon the fruity end of the flavor spectrum and concentrate on the “gas” instead. There are certainly strong citrus notes present in many of these new crosses but the fuel notes are what most people notice.

OG Kush and its progeny have dominated the cannabis breeding and dispensary world for almost a decade, while classics like DJ Short’s Blueberry, Strawberry Cough, Blackberry Kush and the grapey purples virtually disappear from the marketplace. Purples are a notable exception, but the variety has been reduced to Grand Daddy Purple and Purple Erkle. Strains which pale by comparison to Lavender, Mendo Purps or Purple Princess.

With the popularity of the Cookies, Cherry Pie Kush has come back into vogue as breeding stock – a good sign for those who enjoy fruit influences.

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