In a land where heaps of cannabis have been continually cultivated since at least the 1970s, it’s interesting to think new legalization and recreational cannabis laws will have any actual effect on the Oregon scene. At this year’s first CannaGrow Expo, a two-day educational event dedicated to the art and science of growing cannabis, it was inherently obvious that two distinct industries are merging and so are all the people and personalities from which Growers and Consumers are comprised.

While walking from booth to booth, I could feel a sense of comradery amongst the exhibitors. Friendly faces answered an array of questions, offering up advice to interested parties. There was an excitement in the air mixed with possibilities of what’s to come. The room’s collective conscious was buzzing. Growers with over 25 years of experience stood beaming.

Take Forever Green Indoors, for example, whose ‘horticultural technology solutions’ (LED growhouse lights) offer razor sharp computer controlled variable spectrum lighting to commercial growers. And while their products aren’t marketed specifically to consumers at a retail level, customer service manager Pamela Lemon exclaimed, “Multitudes of people have been ordering our commercial lighting sets for their home grows.” With LED drawing less power and offering increased yields over traditional lighting rigs, this is an obvious choice for home growers. But perhaps not so obvious were solutions for the humble home grower at the CannaGrow Expo.

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