New Colombia Resources, Inc.,  a U.S. company with coal and other resource assets in Colombia, is pleased to announce they have formed a joint venture to produce cannabis and hemp based medicinal products in Colombia in association with an indigenous community in Colombia.  

Cannabis and hemp based products have been produced and sold by indigenous people in all parts of Colombia for many years.  New Colombia’s partner in this venture has been producing these products on indigenous reservations with miraculous results.  They have many testimonials from patients who are using these products.  They have topical products that treat, cancer, arthritis, and fibromyalgia.  The partnership will focus strongly on producing an exceptional strain for Dravet Syndrome, much like Charlotte’s Web.  In addition to treating paying patients, New Colombia and its partners will form a foundation to treat underprivileged children with Dravet Syndrome and others. 

New Colombia Resources will identify the indigenous community and their brand once the proper legal framework has been established.  All of the products are produced on the indigenous reservation and commercialized under the favorable sentence C-176 of 1994 and C-882 of 2011 of the constitutional court.  Constitutional Court Resolution 010 of 2013 gives territorial entities, such as indigenous reservations, the right to “govern themselves by proper authority.”

The company has received a tremendous amount of support from law makers in Colombia. 

SOURCE: prnewswire

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