Ecologist James P. McMahon’s company, Elevate 420, specializes in providing water purification systems to home, retail and wholesale marijuana growers. Each are designed with the science of marijuana growing in mind. McMahon designed the Bud Booster™ water filter specifically for home and retail marijuana growers.

McMahon’s Bud Booster water filters “eliminate toxins like fluoride, chlorine, and chloramine”, and “is the best filter for growing marijuana in locations where total dissolved solids are 300 parts per million or less.”

McMahon recently spent extensive time in Denver, Colo., analyzing growing conditions and learning what growers are using for water filtration.

“What I saw in Denver is that very few growers were taking into consideration that chloramine and fluoride need to be removed from the water because they can inhibit bud growth,” McMahon said. “The fluoride in municipal water systems is known to interfere with phosphorous uptake,” McMahon said.

McMahon has been developing water filtration systems for more than 10 years and worked on water quality and river restorations for ten years prior to that.

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