Many medicinal marijuana users aren’t aware that there are two very different strains of the cannabis plant. In order to address this knowledge gap, hired an artist to illustrate the major differences between the two…


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  1. CBD:THC is not higher in Indicas neccessarily. I work in a MMJ warehouse in Colorado, and most test results from the state show nothing but THCA and THC. No CBD, CBN, or CBG, even in most solid indicas in the state. Only CBD strains are showing any content other than traditional THC.

  2. That’s funny! All the test results I’ve seen contained small amounts of CBD in nearly all. The average level of CBD is less then 1%. Levels of CBD are considered high when greater then 3%. CBN is a weaker psychoactive cannabinoid which results when other cannabinoids degrade due to exposure to light and air. Testing for CBN levels in a sample can help determine it’s age or freshness. In Arizona, we test our product for THC, THC-A, CBD, CBD-A and CBN. We additionally test for bacteria, mold, fungus and pesticides. We have patients who come looking for product that meets a specific cannabinoid profile, meaning a specific ratio between them. Another item we’re interested in testing for is Tetrahydrocannabivarin or THCV. It is the shorter three-carbon ptopyl that replaces the five-carbon pentyl chain. This is related to the fragrance of the plant and is found in very potent cannabis. THCV is responsible for making the high come on quicker and disappear sooner.
    I didn’t see the other two classes mentioned. Those would be C. sativa var. spondanea (ruderalis) and C. sativa var. afghanica. That is because most people lump them into the C. indica category.


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