Seattle-based Db3 Inc. first edibles company to be granted both cannabis producer and processor licenses from Washington State: With its dedication to quality, consistency and education, Db3 leads state into new era of legalized cannabis with Zoots brand

Nearly two years in the making – after state voters approved Washington Initiative 502 – Seattle-based company, Db3 Inc., has passed the Washington State Liquor Control Board’s Infused Edible Operation Inspection and become the first company licensed to provide marijuana-infused edible products in Washington State.

Db3, which will market premium cannabis-infused edible products under the brand name Zoots, was notified by the Liquor Control Board that it had been awarded both a tier-two producer license and a processor license, meaning the company can grow marijuana and manufacture edible marijuana products.Outside of what it grows, Db3 will  be supporting independent producers by purchasing cannabis for use in the creation of its Zoots products.

“This is a landmark day, not only for Db3 as a company, but also for the consumers facing a potential shortage of edible products at retail outlets,” said Michael Devlin,  president and co-founder of Db3 Inc. “Being the first edibles company to be awarded  these licenses validates what we have been working on over the last two years and  means that Washington residents can look forward to enjoying products of the highest  quality in the very near future.”

Under its Zoots brand, Db3, founded by a trio of Washington brothers, will bring to market  a full line of edible products that allow consumers to easily identify how much THC they  are consuming, which promises to ensure a safe, consistent and enjoyable experience.  With its sprawling 25,000 square-foot Seattle manufacturing facility, and using a proprietary extraction process, Db3 is able to ensure an exact amount of rich cannabis oil is added to the proprietary blend of natural compounds used in its Zoots products, resulting in a more predictable experience for consumers.

“In surveying consumers and talking to our government partners, we learned that some  of the biggest factors absent from the current legalized and gray medical marijuana  marketplaces include consistency, manufacturing quality and consumer control over  dose,” said Michael Devlin. “We wanted to create something that all people – from avid  users, to those returning after not using for some time, and first-timers – could trust for a  safe, relaxing and enjoyable experience, every time.”

While the company initially will offer seven different products to enable varying experiences, each edible will be marked with clear instructions s on how to use the  product to achieve the experience the consumer wants. Zoots Products Db3 ’s plans for Zoots call for the product line to include proprietary, all-natural blends intended to provide end users with the freedom to control their own experiences. The  packaging for each product will be clearly marked with THC levels, instructions for how  to control dose and explanations of when someone can expect to begin feeling the  effects.

Some of Db3’s initial Zoots products will include:

  • Single shots – These one-ounce premium cannabis infused single-shot energy  drinks will be available infused with 5 milligrams, 10 milligrams and 30 milligrams of THC, and will feature a proprietary blend of natural ingredients designed to sustain energy, while providing a clarifying and calming effect.
  • Drink additives – This premium cannabis infused concentrate is intended to be  stirred into the consumers’ choice of beverage and will be available in blends that  target different experiences. Varieties offer a blend of natural ingredients depending on the desired outcome and offer an easy way to measure 10 mgs. of  THC for a single serving. More or less can be added depending on consumer  choice.
  • Chews, bites and melts – These premium treats will be available in various forms, from baked goods to delicious melt-in-your-mouth nuggets infused with 5 or 10 mg of THC.

The initial Zoots products are expected to be available at licensed retailers in the coming  weeks. In the meantime, additional information can be found at

Meet Db3: The team behind Zoots

Founders Michael, Dan and Patrick Devlin, who collectively bring nearly 100 years of  entrepreneurial experience—including decades of success in food products  manufacturing—wanted to bring products to the people of Washington that are safe, consistent and enjoyable. Thus, Zoots was born.

“Our dedication to the process, both in terms of consumers and being inline with  government guidelines means we are the first licensed company totally embracing the concept of dose control in all our products,” said Patrick Devlin, vice president of marketing and communications. “Our products offer a pleasurable, consistent consumer experience by giving people the ability to accurately choose the dose they want.”

In Colorado, where recreational marijuana use and consumption has been legal since  January 2014, and in Washington State, where voters approved use of medical  marijuana in 1998 (but not signed into law) and Initiative 502 in 2012, there has been  ongoing concern among governing bodies and the population around products’ THC  dosage quantities and how one will feel after consuming edible cannabis products.

“How will this affect me?” seems to be the prevalent question.

Db3 tackled this question head on as it fine-tuned its new products, seeking to create consumables that give consumers the freedom to enjoy the experience they choose. The results are products that consumers can trust to be consistent from experience to experience.Db3 also designed packaging that educates consumers on just what they’re consume, how much, over a given time periods and—given their personal experience— what they can expect as a result. Bottom line: consumers can be assured of a safe, reliable and consistent experience, every time.

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