Colorado’s edible marijuana manufacturers face new restrictive guidelines related to the  labeling, packaging, and potency of their products.

According The Denver Post, the new rules will do away with all single-package edibles that have over 100 milligrams of THC, the maximum amount of the psychoactive component allowed by state law. Products still may contain up to 100 milligrams of THC, but they  must be clearly marked and easy to break into pieces that have 10 milligrams or fewer, the standard dosage under Colorado law.

Another regulation that manufacturers will have to conform to is the requirement to put all edible items in child-resistant packaging before they are shipped to the stores instead of relying on stores to package the products themselves at the point of purchase.

Liquids that can be ingested must also be in child-resistant packaging, but also need to be in transparent containers that are marked with the appropriate serving size. Edible marijuana users must be easily be able to tell how much of the product they have consumed by looking at the marks on the edible package.

The new rules are mainly focused on packaging and dosage awareness, since the rule that blocks individually packaged cannabis-infused products over 100 milligrams went into effect mid-spring. However, some edible marijuana users, particularly the one’s with experience and higher tolerance, aren’t happy with the change.


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  1. that’s our number one seller … old school label though


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