The Washington State Liquor Control Board approved rules for marijuana-infused food products, also known as edibles, designed to restrict items that could easily be mistaken for candies commonly sold to children.

Marijuana stores in the state won’t be allowed to sell lollipops, gummy bears or other candies infused with the drug, but will be able to sell properly labeled brownies and cookies that clearly list the number of doses each contains.

If an item has multiple doses, the cookie or brownie must be scored to indicate the size of a single dose, and the dosage must be consistent throughout the item, said Becky Smith, the agency’s marijuana licensing and regulations manager. Doses from different parts of the food item will have to be tested to ensure they have the same amount of psychoactive ingredient.

Kitchens also will have to pass inspections.

Any Washington processor planning to produce an edible product will have to submit photos of the item and its label to the agency for approval, said Karen McCall, the rules coordinator. The agency will approve or disapprove it within two days, and a processor can appeal.

The state currently has no licensed marijuana processors producing edible products for recreational users. Lollipops, gummy bears and cotton candy can sometimes be found in medical marijuana dispensaries not regulated by the board, but won’t be allowed in state-licensed recreational marijuana stores.

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