A vote on legalizing recreational marijuana was originally scheduled in Alaska for August 2014 during its primary election, but was delayed until the general election on November 4.  Historically, general elections have greater voter turnout so it puts the power of the decision into more residents’ hands.

According to the Alaskan Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol, scientific studies show alcohol to be more dangerous than marijuana, and  the legalization of recreational marijuana would boost the state’s economy by creating jobs and generating new revenue through legitimate, taxpaying businesses. Adults 21 and older would be required to show proof of age in order to purchase marijuana from licensed vendors. With this new system law enforcement could focus more on violent criminals.

The Coalition for Responsible Cannabis Legislation also supports the legalization of recreational marijuana in Alaska and seeks to work closely with government officials and agencies to enact recreational marijuana regulations once it is legalized. They are particularly focused on the creation of the Marijuana Control Board, rulemaking, marijuana facility restrictions, local government control and the marijuana tax, which would be $50 per ounce sold by a marijuana cultivation facility.

The Alaska Cannabis Institute is partnered with the Coalition for Responsible Cannabis Legislation. After claiming that its first two-day seminar was completely sold out, the Institute is currently selling seats for two additional seminars, one in Fairbanks September 13-14 and another in Anchorage October 11-12 for those who want to be at the cutting edge of marijuana legalization. The first day of the seminar goes over the laws, policies and taxes and the second day is focused on the actual horticulture and cultivation of the plant.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Oregon and the District of Columbia are also likely to have similar ballot measures on legalizing recreational marijuana this November, and that California, Nevada and Vermont are likely to follow in 2016.  If the votes are in favor of recreational marijuana this November, it may be interesting for other states to see how Alaska handles the legalization.

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