A new Quinnipiac University poll finds that 88 percent of voters support the legal use of marijuana for medical purposes, while 10 percent do not. If the latest poll is right, it’s a safe bet that Florida will legalize medical marijuana this November.

The lowest level of support was among senior citizens, who still back the measure roughly 6 to 1, whereas, the youngest segment of voters backed it 19 to 1.

When asked whether they would support a legal medical marijuana dispensary in their own town or city, 71 percent of voters said yes while 26 percent said no. Support for a dispensary in one’s own town was lowest among seniors, who still backed the idea 57 percent to 37 percent.

A majority of voters even supported legalizing marijuana simply for recreational use. The only demographic groups where majorities opposed the idea were Republicans and seniors. Overall support for recreational legalization was up seven percentage points from November.

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  3. I lived in Florida for 20 years and unfortunately had to go to California for Medical marijuana for many reasons. I am not into these dangerous drugs that doctors prescribe these days for people. Got to love those pharmaceautical companies for reducing our population. Bad news.
    Medical marijuana is the best thing the USA can do. It makes money, and is safer then these drugs of today.

    Do you know how many residents left Florida for their draconic marijuana laws. Alchohol and cigaretes are far worse and also reduce our population. Give some thought to that.

    Vote YES in November. Lots of sick people who deserve the right to obtain a reliable medicine, cannot in Florida or end up in jail. Imagine that in this country that people are imprissoned for marijuana. All the crazy things going on in this world today, and we waste time and money on arresting citizens for possesion or cultivation. Go after the terrorists who live in the USA and want to harm our good people. Our country has gone nuts.Stop all illegal immigrants and terrorist from crossing our borders. Thats more effective then arressting people for marijuana.

    I pray every night before I go to bed for Florida to legalize possesion and personal cultivation for those in need, so I may move back to my favorite state in the USA.
    Love Florida and I miss it dearly. VOTE YES and God Bless America !!!


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