Republic of Texas Brands, Inc. plans to change its name to Totally Hemp Crazy and complete a merger with Chill Texas Inc., the hempwater_D_20140724104700distributor of a cannabis-based energy drink made in Austria.

The new name reflects the company’s renewed focus on THC-free, cannabis-based beverages which promises consumers “a whole new feeling of being alive.” The company will be bottling a new “Totally Hemp Crazy” flavored hemp water line “Aqua Hemp”. Aqua Hemp will be offered in four flavors: Citrus, Lemon Lime, Pomegranate and Wild Berry. The drinks will be offered in colorful clear plastic 16.9 oz. bottles. The flavored hemp water line will offer an attractive retail price and will offer a better than average margin for the retail sellers.

“The new corporate logo ‘Totally Hemp Crazy’ has been incorporated into the design of the bottle and will add to the consumer appeal of the product,” states Tom Shuman the New CEO. “We are working with Finra and we are hoping the name and symbol change will occur in the next week to 10 days.”

“There are many exciting new things to announce in the coming weeks as well as a launch of a new corporate website. Our loyal investors will be excited about the direction of our new company ‘Totally Hemp Crazy’ and our planned launch of our proprietary label beverages along with some exciting announcements about of CHILLO-energy drink and C-Swiss Ice Tea.”

totallyhempcrazy72414_CV_20140724104532Should Texas ever legalize medical marijuana, the company says it will be well positioned to enter that market.  “It’s gonna happen,” Mr. Grisaffi said of legalized medical marijuana. “Once it happens, these products can be infused with THC very easily.”

SOURCES: blogs.wsjmoney.cnn

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