Alternaturals, Inc. has chosen Kush Creams, a Washington based, medical marijuana grower and distributor with award winning strains and products, to manufacture and distribute its long awaited medical marijuana product, 5 Hour High.

 The shot style drink, similar to the energy drinks that line the shelves of convenience stores all across America, 5 Hour High has one obvious difference: instead of giving you a burst of energy, this shot of tasty juice-like drink gives you a lasting dose of THC (the active ingredient in marijuana) that has been specially formulated to improve mood and maintain energy levels.

The company is banking on non-smoking methods of ingesting THC to become more and more popular now that many states have decriminalized the multi-billion dollar marijuana industry. By choosing one of the most successful and fastest growing medical and recreational marijuana growers and distributors in the states, Alternaturals expects 5 Hour High© to be sold in most dispensaries where its consumption is legal.

Although putting out medical marijuana based products is just one small piece of Alternaturals business model, the company feels that from a revenue standpoint it is an important tie-in for any company in the supplement or nutraceutical industries. The company feels that in the near future any company with these types of products will have THC “infused” versions of those products and Alternaturals, with the help of Kush Creams, plans to lead the way.

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