While most schools are getting ready for summer break, the Institute of Medical Cannabis (IMC) is preparing to open its doors as Palm Beach County’s first medical marijuana school.

At IMC, students will learn about medical cannabis industry while attending lectures and receiving practical training in fully operational grow rooms.  The school will offer four courses, with a primary focus on cultivation.  Anyone that is interested in cultivating cannabis either as a patient, caregiver, or for a dispensary should take these courses.

Together, Sheridan Rafer, IMC founder and instructor, and John M. Gatti Jr., instructer,  have created a unique curriculum designed to teach students in the most efficient and timely manner.  Rafer has over 10 years experience growing and breeding cannabis; including award winning strains. He also specializes in grow room designs, medical marijuana strains, breeding, grow equipment, organic soil/nutrients, and harvest/post-harvest techniques.  Gatti has over 30 years’ experience as a plant pathologist working in greenhouses & laboratories, cultivating plants, sampling soil, diagnosing and preventing diseases.

imc“Our business model is a little different than others; we take a hands-on approach here & students will get dirty,” says Rafer.

With early approval projections well over 70%, Florida is expected to become the next medical marijuana state this November.

SOURCE: Institute of Medical Cannabis

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