Developed by CDx Life, a California-based science and technology company, MyDx is a portable analyzer that will deliver a cannabis strain analysis revealing the abundance of cannabinoid properties such as THC and CBD.

my dxMyDx is a handheld device that attaches to your phone and works through a downloadable app designed to sync to iOS and Android smartphones. Once they are synced, the cannabis sample can be placed in the MyDx device and the results will be displayed through the app.

The device is currently being marketed to people who legally use cannabis for medical use. The device allows consumers to create a personalized profile that defines their ideal strain  by using individualized feedback to track how each chemical profile effects each patient.

The cannabis sensors are only the beginning. MyDx plans to create three other sensor packages for the same device: the Organa sensor will test food for organic properties, the Aqua sensor will test for harmful chemicals in drinking water, and the Aero sensor will test for air quality.

The cannabis system will retail for $399. The multi-sensor kit will retail for $499.

Find out more… indiegogo

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