Tommy Chong, half of the comedy duo Cheech & Chong that gained fame in the seventies, has entered into a business deal to use his name and product endorsements at Marisol Therapeutics, a Pueblo, Colorado cannabis shop.

Chong said his partnership with Marisol involves “more or less using my name, my celebrity status, to bring attention to their products.” He said Marisol’s owner, Mike Stetler, will develop a strain of marijuana and make products from it that will be sold under the “Tommy Chong” brand.

 The new strain and products will favor the medicinal benefits of cannabis and contain high levels of cannabidiol (CBD). “We’ve all gone through the recreational aspect of it,” Chong said of marijuana. “But what’s exciting to me is the medical side.”

Sean McAllister, an attorney for Marisol confirmed that Chong has not invested in Marisol: “There’s no money changing hands from Tommy to Marisol, so there’s no investment…ultimately, it comes down to Tommy Chong endorsing (Marisol’s) product.”

Chong said he plans to sample and approve the products prior to his name being used.

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