An automated pot-selling machine was unveiled in Avon, Colorado, suggesting a new era of selling marijuana and pot-infused snacks from vending machines directly to customers. The pot machine could also help dispensary owners cut down on employee theft.

The machine is built by American Green and the creators of the ZaZZZ machine say that the device uses bio-metric technology to verify a customer’s age. The machine is also climate-controlled to keep its product fresh.

The ZaZZZ is aimed for use only by medical marijuana patients. And it’ll be in licensed stores, where it will serve a purpose like that of an automated checkout line at a grocery, they say.

However, this isn’t the only marijuana vending machine out there. Both Endexx and Medbox have made headlines for their efforts to streamline pot sales. But those companies’ products seem to be kept behind stores counters for now. 

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