Canna-Pet™, the global innovator of cannabinoid therapy for pets, is pleased to announce the release of Canna-Biscuits for Dogs, the only dog treat with cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is the “medical” in “medical cannabis,” that is responsible for providing many of the therapeutic benefits while remaining completely non-psychoactive.

Research gathered from producing over two million cannabinoid capsules has produced this revolutionary new treat for dogs. Canna-Pet  infuses all-natural biscuits made from human-grade food ingredients by select bakeries around the country with a special formulation of USDA organic, non-GMO hemp that is rich in cannabidiol.

Canna-Biscuits™ will be available April 20th in a number of flavors directly to consumers via their website, and will also be available via select retailers online and in stores.

About Canna-Pet™

Developed in a collaboration between Doctors of Veterinary Medicine and an MIT entrepreneur , Canna-Pet™ is the culmination of twenty years of research and development in cannabinoid therapies for cats and dogs. Canna-Pet™ capsules now serve over 20,000 pets worldwide, are recommended by over 150 veterinarians, and remain the only cannabinoid supplement designed for pets. 

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