ATLANTA, GA – is happy to label itself the new “birchbox for stoners” because that’s pretty much what it is. Well, close enough anyway—they ship customers smoking supplies and accessories instead of smoking material.

When customers become a member they receive a monthly package of quality, affordable, and carefully selected smoking supplies catered to their smoking preference, brought straight to their door.  Unless you’re eating your weed in brownie form, most users smoke or vaporize the plant and that requires equipment and supplies.  Many users must turn to sketchy “head shops” or the nearest gas station, often confronting low quality and high costs. is a new e-commerce startup in Atlanta founded this February, its creators both recent graduates who consider themselves part of the just-under-the-surface cannabis culture, because of which they feel they have a strong sense of the needs of this massive and increasingly above-ground market in the US.  “Buying smoking items can be fun but getting supplies has been a pain point for cannabis users for years, and because there’s never been an alternative, we’ve never talked about doing it any other way,” explained one of the company’s co-founders, “but now we can enjoy the fun without the hassle.”

Its creators are aware of their competitors but believe has something unique to offer.  In addition to providing preference-specific options, the company also gives a portion of proceeds to NORML the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. The website explains its commitment to social activism and that “There’s no reason we can’t do good while smoking good.” Even’s design is a bit of a statement, with its red and white stripes on brown paper homage to the “burn bags” used by government institutions to burn and destroy classified materials. members can choose between a glass-friendly “Stay Glassy San Diego” box ($25), a paper-friendly “Keep it Rollin” box ($25) or a combo of the two called a Super BurnBox ($30) meant for the aficionado (or a frat house).  Members can order just productsampling_trimmedone box or subscribe for up to 6 months in advance.

The company has also launched just in time for the 4/20 holiday on April 20th (essentially the Christmas of cannabis culture) and in the spirit of the holiday they’re offering a “420 Champion Pack” (for $42) to help its members celebrate the holiday in a manner that would drop even Willie Nelson’s jaw.

Cannabis culture in the US is well developed but remains partially underground because of so many individuals’ fear of potential legal ramifications, but with the recent change of law in Colorado and Washington and federal changes on how to prosecute drug offenses, it is increasingly apparent that the nation is shifting toward acceptance of responsible cannabis use.  The cannabis industry is already a multi-billion dollar industry and will only continue to grow as more states consider decriminalization and legalization. As that industry grows, so will the industry providing users with the equipment and supplies they need, and that’s where believes it has great potential for growth.A sample BurnBox..

As one founder explained, “As soon as it’s legal to ship cannabis throughout the US, we will be ready to provide customers with that service as well, but until then, we’re happy to bring them quality supplies to help them enjoy themselves.”

In response to one post about on Reddit, one user commented “OH MY GOD – a birchbox for weed. My life is complete.” That’s exactly the type of response the creators of BurnBox want and expect to hear.

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