Britain’s first pro-cannabis advert is sponsored by the Clear campaign group, and will be featured on the side of a van as it cruises around central London for three days.

“It really is time that politicians started listening to the electorate and followed the evidence on cannabis,” leader Peter Reynolds said. “Present policy actually causes harm and denies access to medicinal cannabis for millions in pain, suffering and disability. It puts billions into the hands of organized crime…In a regulated system we would have age limits, quality control and tens of thousands of new jobs in legitimate businesses.”clear ad

The poster displays the slogan ‘Let’s Get The Dealers Off The Streets!’ and calls on the government to “legalize, regulate, and tax the £6 billion cannabis market for a safer, healthier Britain.”

The message will also be supported by a YouTube commercial.

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  1. I find it strange that Mr Reynolds of CLEAR uses the same tactics as the police, thus alienating a vast proportion of his supporter base. I have been a cannabis smoker for over 20 years, and I have never purchased drugs from a hoodie on the street. I buy from friends over a cup of tea at their homes.

    Mr Reynolds is not a friend of the UK cannabis community. He regularly reports medicinal users to the police, and even attempted to sue his critics for defamation in the high court.


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