“The Kitchen”
By: UpTownGrowLab

If the value of a picture is still theoretically worth a thousand words, then UpTownGrowLab’s tribute to cannabis, “The Kitchen”, has to be the richest and most resourcefully compact, visually-enhanced biography that has ever been published.

It is a revolutionary and symbolic work that cuts through categories and stereotypes by merging together a multitude of genres, combining the detail and technical proficiency of most how-to books with the inevitable influence of passion and personal experience.

Although its title suggests otherwise, “The Kitchen” is not a cookbook—it is a journey into the world of two men and their quest to create some of the best medical cannabis strains available. The visual content of “The Kitchen”, combined with the conversational narrative that is generously shared throughout the book’s 212 pages, puts the reader right in the middle of Jay and Tweezy’s garden, and naturally encourages romantic ideas about starting one’s own grow-op.


But “The Kitchen” is more than a grow book; it has instructions for doing almost anything. From cloning seeds, to rolling the best blunt, this book has something for all knowledge levels, accompanied by easy-to-follow pictorials.

It’s easy to be impressed by the quality of this book, but the images are what really make “The Kitchen” standout—the pictures are so stunning that they tease your instinct to want to rip the images off the page, pack them into your piece, and smoke them. This temptation really becomes a struggle during the part of the book that features twenty different strains grown by the authors, such as AK-47 and White Russian.


“The Kitchen” is a superior visual source book with unrivaled texture, an intimate celebration of cannabis, and a reading experience you won’t forget no matter how much you smoke.

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“The Kitchen” Is Also Available For Purchase On Amazon and Ebay

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