Cannariginals’ Emu 420 Essentials Mentholated Analgesic Rub wins award for “Best Non-Edible Medically Infused Product” at  the 2014 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup last month in Los Angeles.

The attention that cannabidiol (CBD) is getting has raised a lot of questions: “How should it be used?”, “What are the health and wellness benefits?”, “Is cannabis a treatment option for inflammation and pain relief?”

The up and coming company, Cannariginals, has provided some answers with their new product line, Emu 420 Essentials.

Cannariginals says, “Using Emu Oil as a carrier insures that your high CBD concentrates are delivered deep into the tissues and joints where it can provide maximum benefits.” Emu 420 Essentials combines potent cannabidiol extracts with a world class transdermal delivery system that supplies the medication in a form for absorption through the skin to the bloodstream. By applying the medicine topically, Emu 420 Essentials can deliver relief for multiple conditions.mentholated420rub

The Emu 420 Essentials line includes the award winning mentholated rub, as well as their original rub and oil. The labels state, “Relieves discomfort from burns, breaks, bumps and bruises, sprains, strains, and migraines.  Whether it’s in, on, or under the skin,  just spread some on and rub it in.”  

Cannariginals products can currently be found in shops throughout the greater Los Angeles area, San Diego and California’s Central Valley.


  • “I have been suffering from a deteriorating knee joint for over 13 years with an increasing amount of pain and stiffness. I have tried numerous homeopathic and pharmaceutical treatments to help control the stiffness and more importantly, the pain. I had learned to live with pain levels that never go below a 7 to 10 on a pain scale…Then I was given Cannariginals Emu 420 Essential Analgesic Rub and Oil to try. Within less than 30 minutes, not only had my pain decreased to a 5 or below, but my stiffness had decreased as well! I was truly amazed! I use the oil before going to bed and I am able to wake up in the morning with a significant reduction in pain and stiffness…Thank you CANNARIGINALS!” — Lorrie C.
  • “I apply it directly to my ankle and within minutes I notice relief. It relaxes my ankle and makes it noticeably less swollen through out the day…I really enjoy the idea of using something natural as opposed to taking pills. I have recommended this product to friends and plan to keep using it daily. Thanks for the great product.” — Jill H.
  • “I first tried Emu 420 Essential Oil just a few days ago. After throwing my back out just days before, I tried the oil and almost instantly the pain began to subside. My personal opinion on this product is that it’s great, in every sense of the word.” — Rene A.
  • “I have been a medical marijuana patient for 12 years. I suffer from severe chronic pain. I have tried many topical analgesics over the years but I have never been able to find one that relieves my pain completely and for an extended period of time. Emu 420 Essentials analgesic oil is the first topical anti-inflammatory that has given me relief…Thank you so much!!!”  — John M.

Expect to see more from this innovative and progressive company as they continue to break ground with the potential of medical cannabis.Cannaraginals logo

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